In a move towards creating greater acceptance, two University of Oregon fraternities have announced that they are going to be accepting transgender men into their brotherhood for the first time ever.

First reported in the Oregonian, Delta Upsilon and Delta Tau Delta have pledged to reach out in greater numbers to the LGBT community at their Eugene, Oregon campus. The two fraternities are joining along with a handful of fraternities across the nation in creating a movement to further acceptance. Notably, Xi Omicron Iota- a sorority at Missouri State University, changed their bylaws to accept anyone who “identifies as a girl.” And the national organization Sigma Phi Epsilon announced that they would be considering transgender men.

Oregon Fraternities Now Accepting Transgender Members

Henry Korman of Delta Upsilon stated that the fraternity wants to change the idea of “frat culture” and become more diverse and inclusive.

“There are people in the community who might not have a comfortable place, a social group where they fit in,” Alec Malnati, Delta Tau Delta chapter President, said. “I’m just really hopeful we can be that place for people.”

The two houses hold out hope that the other 17 fraternities on campus won’t be far behind and taking their lead.

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