Makeup is an art, and art takes practice. Most girls start learning from a young age about the mystical art of makeup. However, most transgender women don’t get to start so early and miss out learning many makeup basics that girls work on. Instead, many wind up trying to dive into the deep end and master complex designs and techniques that depend upon many of those makeup basics.

Thankfully, there are a wealth of tutorial videos out there.

makeup basics from the makeup chair

Sinead Cady, and her YouTube channel- The Makeup Chair, have been putting out makeup tutorials for years. She covers many basic concepts and skills that are vital to really master the art of makeup.

So here are a few of our favorites that we think will give you a solid base. Some may seem simple and much less than you might want or need to do. However it is in learning these basic concepts and skills that you are able to master more advanced techniques.

1. Eye Makeup Basics and Tips

2. Highlighting and Contouring in 5 Steps

3. Eyeliner in 5 Steps

4. Day-Time Smokey Eyes

5. Flawless Foundation in 5 Steps