Large pores are a problem for a lot of people. Sometimes it’s caused by not cleaning and exfoliating well enough, sometimes it’s genetics. Actually treating and shrinking pores takes time and a lot of products, but in the mean time you can camouflage your pores with a little buffing.

We turn to outstanding makeup artist and educator Wayne Goss, who has an incredible YouTube channel, to learn how he hides large pores and gives you a smoother and cleaner finish to your makeup.

large pores before

The idea is pretty straight forward, you apply your foundation as normal, the trick is in how you finish it. Beware that if you have very dry skin this can cause micro exfoliation so you will want to make sure you thoroughly moisturize.

Combined with moisturizers and a good primer, you will be on track to a smoother more flawless finish to your makeup.

large pores - after

Just beware, you don’t want to go overboard and make yourself look like a mannequin. Makeup should never make you look like the Energizer family.

large pores - duracell family

So here is the video from Wayne Goss himself. Let us know what you think about this technique, give it a try and see how it works for you.

You can find many more videos from Wayne Goss on his YouTube channel.

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