Beard shadow is a problem for just about every trans woman. That bluish hue that lingers for many even after the closest of shaves. But you can cover up your shadow quite easily if you look to our friend, the color wheel.

Beard Shadow and the Color Wheel

See, the color wheel is the great tool that can be as simple or complex as you like. For our purposes we want to look across the color wheel, from one color to its opposite. For us that means we need to take a look at the blue and see what color is opposite of it.

beard shadow on the color wheel

As you can see, the blue we are dealing with is opposite shades of orange. Much like you can use a concealer or cream in green to cancel our redness or zits, you can use an orange color to cancel out the stubborn blue.

So by introducing a concealer or a cream makeup, or even lipstick, in a shade of orange; you will be setting a base that can be covered by foundation and camouflage the blue of your shadow.

Here you can see a great demonstration by Chelsea Jade Conroy

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April Marshall
Editor in Chief

April Marshall, our Editor in Chief, is a ::mumblemumble:: year old trans woman from Kansas City. April has a very strange background including acting, stand up comedy, playwriting, running Rocky Horror shadow casts, and professional wrestling. You may have also seen April, in another life, on the Jerry Springer show. Yes we are serious.

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  • Only thing is finding your shade of orange.

    • You aren’t wrong. As a general rule, any orange will pretty much work. But you will have to experiment with shades a bit if you don’t like the results. I’ve seen some people use red lipstick or makeup as well. You shouldn’t have to get too granular with the shading though.

  • Angeliqua

    Mehron Cremeblend stick works best for me. No blending needed.

  • Christi

    10% of us are colorblind. Thanx. 😔

    • You’re welcome. Honestly I don’t know what we could do here. Whatever we post someone isn’t going to be able to do it.

      You have two options for shadow. Neutralize color or full coverage concealer and full coverage foundation.

      By far, neutralizing creates a far better result.

      While I am not color blind myself, I’d imagine that you would still see the shadow being neutralized. Even if you don’t see the specific colors at work. So it would be more of a pain but would still work.

  • The demo reduced the shadow about 92%, but noit good enough for a close-up shot. I could still see the shadow in the end scene.

    • In that case, I would say if your shadow is that stubborn go redder with the neutralizing color and/or use a fuller coverage foundation. A good concealer would help as well like Bye Bye Under Eye by IT Cosmetics

      • Rogina Bakey

        I have used Mehron “orange goo” for years and it works for me. Over it,I used to use the old Dermablend creme foundation. They now have changed the formula and I found that WET and Wild’s “Coverall” for 3 bucks a tube is absolutely equal to the new Dermablend. My face is on sometimes for 18 hrs a day in the Florida heat and properly set with powder,this combo really works for me. For primer,I use Monistat silicone gel…Try it,you will like it !

  • Emily B

    Some more tips that keep my skin/makeup looking smooth;
    Use a mild conditioner in lieu of shaving cream.
    Wash your face with REALLY cold water after shaving.
    Moisturise lightly with non perfumed moisturiser.
    Use Nivea sensitive post shave balm for men, great for soothing the skin but also works great as a primer for your makeup.
    I use these tricks everyday and get compliments on how good my skin looks despite shaving every day.
    Also make sure you cleanse properly when taking makeup off (wash your face with a mild soap or use a cleanser)

  • Jennifur

    Electrolysis, Don’t bother with Laser, Just Electrolysis
    But if you can not afford it or dont have the time to invest at the moment, go get a very good pair of rounded comfortable tweezers and while it does hurt a lil bit, and takes a few hours, Pluck every hair on your upper and lower lip, and any dense area you might have that is a problem covering up and that shadow will not show because if you actually pull the hair out, the shadow is gone cause what you are seeing is the remaining hair under the skin that the razor can not get to. So pluck it like your eyebrows and such and that shadow is nothing but a memory!!!


    • Unfortunately that isn’t an option for everyone. Obviously removing the hair is optimal but for those early on in transition or starting to experiment, it’s good to know how to cover it up.

  • Joanna Wagner

    I used both laser and electrolysis. I definitely had some benefit from laser. No, it didn’t clear everything but it did thin it out. That gave me an emotional boost and made it easier to conceal I did it for 9 months (once a month). It pays off when you go to finish the job with electrolysis. It’s much less expensive than electro which is also very time consuming. Depending on the thickness of your it may take awhile. Be sure to keep a good stock of lidocaine cream too. You can get it on Amazon.