Along the way, in the long long ago, someone probably taught you how to shave. But one area that was probably left out was your face shaving.

Now that you are on hormones, everything switches. You probably already have stopped shaving your body but now you have to contend with your facial hair. Of course for trans men, like cis boys going through puberty, seeing that hair come in is exciting and a huge checkpoint in growing into manhood. That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to want to keep it looking good.

Perhaps want to keep it shaved down until it comes in less patchy. Or once it’s coming in fully, you might want to shave the neck and the edges to keep it neat looking. Of course that is IF that’s what you want. As we all know there are no real rules to transition and how you present. Shave half of it if you like. Live your life player.

While there are tricks and tips to shaving your body, there are also tricks to shaving your face and skin care for men. So here is Skin Care with Ross checking in with a great video on everything you need to know about face shaving.

He covers skin prep, technique and aftercare that you were tragically not introduced to.

Let us know in the comments about your experience shaving. What mistakes did you make?

*I want to make clear that I know it would be preferable to have a video from a trans man demonstrating shaving. However, there aren’t many very good options for that out there. Most I found were poor technique, or poor quality. And most videos were less about how to shave as they were about the experience of shaving for a trans man. If you have any suggestions on videos with trans men, I will be happy to post them. Let me know in the comments.

Checkout Ross’ YouTube channel or his blog.