Offending a trans guy should never be your goal. But, if you want to know how- keep reading.

Finding out someone you know is transgender, and either just starting or fully transitioned, can fill you with questions. If you’ve never been around someone who is transgender, it’s a whole new world and you are curious.

Most questions are understandable. However, there are some things you should probably not say. Unless you want to offend a trans guy- or just make them super uncomfortable.

Are you a girl or a boy?

How to Offend a Trans Guy

Do you have…things?

How to offend trans guys

She…I mean she back then…

how to offend a trans guy

Can I see?

how to offend a trans guy

Check out the entire video below and be sure to go to the FTRealM YouTube page to see more videos.

Let us know in the comments some of the “well meaning” things you’ve heard or been asked.

About The Author

April Marshall
Editor in Chief

April Marshall, our Editor in Chief, is a ::mumblemumble:: year old trans woman from Kansas City. April has a very strange background including acting, stand up comedy, playwriting, running Rocky Horror shadow casts, and professional wrestling. You may have also seen April, in another life, on the Jerry Springer show. Yes we are serious.

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