I started this site to focus on the trans community, however, this is larger than just us. And it hits upon an issue that affects all of us in the LGBT community, hate crime. And, this is a friend of mine. And I want her story out there. I hope you will support this decision.

My friend, Jessica (she has given permission for her story and name to be shared), was brutally attacked on July 13th when she went out with a friend to a local bar called the Beaver Tap in Lenexa, KS. It is a spot that Jessica and her friend Kay (both CIS women) liked to go dance and listen to the DJ on Wednesday nights. It’s even a favorite hangout of locally based rapper Tech9. And before this night, nothing like this had ever happened.

Here are the events in Kay’s own words.

…hate crime at Beaver Tap in Lenexa. 2 girls go into a bar, 1 is dancing “too close” to a group of 4 people who aren’t okay with the fact that we’re gay.

So instead of kicking them out for starting a physical altercation the first time because they couldn’t see a “sucker punch” directly on camera, this is what happens. You allow a group of people back into a bar who are full of hate and you want to call the police?

Lol please call them. Here starts your lawsuit for allowing a hate crime to continue to happen. You knew they were calling us faggots. You knew a 6’4″ white dude grabbed her glasses and hit her face because she’s sticking up for who she is. You were the cause of him punching a woman in the face because you decided to refuse to de-escalate the situation when the verbal and physical altercation first started.

‪#‎HateBecauseWereGay‬ ‪#‎Victims‬ ‪#‎HateCrime‬

The video of Jessica showing off the effects of the attack can be seen here.


You can find more of the story as related by Jessica herself here. However here is a brief snippet of the how things began to quickly escalate. (Please note that a few facts not pertaining to the actual attacks are incorrect per Jessica- however the events are exactly as unfolded).

Jessica went to the bathroom to pull herself together, and Kay noticed the two men get up and also head toward the restrooms. She became alarmed when the two women also got up and went toward the restrooms.

When Jessica saw the women, they were going in as she was coming out. As Jessica came out, one of the girls threw her drink on her and attacked her. Jessica tried to yet again defend herself against their attack. Kay had now arrived and tried to break it up, but one of the female attackers held her down.

When the men came out of restrooms, the same male assailant grabbed the glasses off of Jessica’s face and broke them. He then proceeded to once again punch Jessica in the face, while one of the women held onto her by her hair.

This is someone I know and someone I think very highly of. A kind person with a big heart. Someone who has been an ally to me. Not that anyone deserves to be a victim of an assault because of their sexuality, gender, race, religion, etc.

Ending Hate Crimes Is Not an Agenda

This is reality. You can claim an “LGBT Agenda” all you like. But the real “agenda” is safety and happiness. Something not afforded to people like Jessica Culp because she happened to be dancing with another woman at the Beaver Tap. (Who has taken down their facebook page to avoid as much bad publicity as possible).

I ask you to read this. I ask you to support Jessica and all of those that are attacked for being who they are.

Even if you don’t “agree” with their “choice”, do you agree it’s okay for a 6’4 male to beat down a woman for no other reason than her “lifestyle”?

We have allowed this attitude to go unchecked. You think it’s stupid to be talking about gay rights, hate crime, and bathroom bills when there is so many more “important things” going on. I dare say those talks are pretty important to people like Jessica and the rest of the LGBT community.

  • Jill Summers

    I am a transgender woman and am totally discussed with the sick attitude and narrow views of some people and I believe its simply because we do not conform with their rules their aspirations the system what’s us to conformed , and others have set their sick minds , as here in the UK its not as serious as in the US but we still get some and also some gone to a male prison and they are Transgender or even use the bathroom here .
    Jill Summers