My Transgender Coming Out Story“My Transgender Coming Out Story” opens describing the scene of her first HRT treatment, and the instructions from her nurse. With that, Parker Marie Molloy begins a very frank and plain-spoken story the story of her coming out. First off, this is not a long book. I listened to it in only an hour and a half. However, the story is simple and very focused. Rather than try to include the thoughts and reactions of everyone she experiences, or try to reference others stories; Molloy sticks to her story and tells it in a very conversational tone that is comfortable and easy to understand.

“My Transgender Coming Out Story” is, naturally, all about Molloy’s coming out. So, other than a little background, you won’t get a lot about her childhood or the lives of others. This is all about the coming out process and how it affected her. However, that does mean that some questions go unanswered and it leaves you wanting for those answers.

My Transgender Coming Out Story - Parker Molloy HeadshotInstead we learn as much as we can about her relationship with her girlfriend, and her coming out email to her parents, as well reactions from her employers who weren’t quite as accepting as they claimed. Leaving the questions open about what has yet to happen, only hinting at a life left full of opportunity and chance.

I won’t go so far as to say that Molloy is a great author, but her effort is solid; and she can certainly turn a phrase. And it’s absolutely a great thing to get this perspective. Parker was 26 when she started to transition, and just starting to climb up the ladder of her career in Chicago- an often unforgiving city. I would absolutely read a follow-up that talks more about her experiences as a trans woman in the city at some point.

However, I have to take points for the narration. Parker isn’t terrible, but she isn’t the greatest orator of all time. She sounds unsure at times, and disinterested at others, sometimes stumbling over words and adopting an odd rhythm. It isn’t so distracting as to null the experience of “My Transgender Coming Out Story”, but it’s not helping to engage either.

My Transgender Coming Out Story - Book Review
Overall this book serves its purpose. However it is not one you will re-read, so I might recommend checking it out. You won't get much in a way of information, but any trans person can appreciate some of Molloy's, largely positive, experiences.
Multiple Readings2.5
What Its Got
  • Easy-to-read, conversational tone
  • Sticks to its purpose
  • Provides a (mostly) positive take on coming out
What Its Not
  • You won't get a lot of infomation
  • Very short
  • Lots of gaps in the narrative to fill in
5.8Overall Score
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