Safety is a huge concern for the transgender community. We are constantly having to keep out head on a swivel as we watch out for any danger. Suddenly, even the most innocuous of situations can turn dangerous- even deadly. Transgender safety has become increasingly an issue that must be addressed. And Safetrek is attempting to answer the call. With one app and a simple interface, they aim to get you home safely.

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Safetrek is a simple app for iPhone and Android that acts as a chaperone and safety call all in one. The security app has an easy interface that is easily launched and operated by any smart phone user. Simply launch the app when you feel you might be going into a dangerous situation. When you feel in danger just put your finger on the button on your screen and hold it down. At anytime you need help you simply take your finger off of the button. If you don’t enter your pin you set up within ten seconds, then it will send an alert to an operator at Safetrek who will send your distress call and exact location to local police.

Does Safetrek Work?

Here is one review from the iTunes store app page:

A huge shoutout to the makers of the SafeTrek app. I downloaded the app about a year ago, hoping I would never need it. At the time, I recommended it to family and friends on FB. Occasionally I have opened the app and kept my thumb on the screen while walking to and from my car at night but I never activated an alarm.

Today while working in the OR, I accidentally and unknowingly set off an alarm. I keep my phone on silent at work so I was unaware that the SafeTrek reps were texting and calling me. When they didn’t get a response, they were able to pinpoint my exact building location. They notified the hospital police department who came to the OR to make sure I was ok. SafeTrek also followed up twice later in the day. I’m currently in a very remote area of Arizona. 9-1-1 services wouldn’t have been so accurate ( and probably not so accommodating of a false alarm)!

I’m hugely impressed with the accuracy, response time and ease of use of the SafeTrek app. I think it should be on the home page of everyone’s phone. Thanks SafeTrek!

About Safetrek

We spoke to the creators of the app who gave us this statement.

Our backend system is the heart of SafeTrek and is what enables us to provide the highest quality of safety possible. It allows us to locate you more quickly and accurately than dialling 911. We can even track your location during an emergency ensuring you receive help even if you don’t know where you are or even if you can’t speak!

SafeTrek is a reliable safety application, you can read about real emergencies on our website (toward the bottom of the page) and there are reviews in the app store. While we hope our users are never in an emergency, we take their safety serious and are here for them 24/7/365 just in case! SafeTrek has been used in several hundred real emergencies throughout the last couple of years and is trusted by close to half a million people each day!

We live in a world where the worst is to be expected and the best is a pleasant surprise. Having to go through life always looking over a shoulder is no way to live, but unfortunately we know that is the reality for many. SafeTrek was started to give everyone the peace of mind to live their lives freely – knowing that we always have their back.

The app is currently $2.99 a month, and considering the 24/7 live monitoring by a real person- it’s by far the best personal security app out there. But, you can try it out and get one month free to see how you like it.

Obviously, you can’t stop crime with an app. However, this tool could be the edge that helps to keep you safe. At the very least, it will give you a boost of confidence- knowing you have security at the push of a finger.

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