With all the focus on North Carolina, Georgia, Target, and legislation all over the country it is easy to sometimes forget the faces- the actual people that are affected day to day by what we read about. Real people who face real consequences, real people put in unbelievable situations. Like expulsion from high school, and having your entire future jeopardized.

One such person is Anna Foster, a transgender student at White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina. Just two days before prom and five weeks before graduation, Anna has been suspended and is facing possible expulsion for using the “wrong” bathroom.

According to the petition currently up at Change.org

Anna was told that she cannot use the boy’s restroom because it would make the boy’s uncomfortable. But using the girl’s restroom would also make the girls uncomfortable, so they told her she could use the one nurse’s restroom. That restroom is located in the East building. Anna’s class when she used the girl’s restroom was in the North building. There are no concessions for Anna should she need to use the restroom between classes. Meaning, they will discipline her for being tardy if she has to make the trip to the East building to relieve herself, then head to class in the North building.

anna foster expulsion
Anna, who turns 18 on June 29th, has faced a very rough situation leading up to this; one that only complicates the current events. Currently, she lives with the Volk family- Mike Volk explains:

One of the factors that makes this issue so challenging is that the student, who is 17 and turns 18 on June 29th, is that she was recently kicked out of her foster home and moved in with us just two weeks ago. She is not supposed to have contact with her birth mother, and because of her age, her DSS case worker is not willing to assist. We want to do all we can to help but we are limited since we are not legal guardians.

What makes this all the more pressing is that Anna has already been accepted into college for the fall semester and these events could have sever repercussions for her academically and professionally. Mike Volk is hoping to find some a solution.

She has been accepted into college starting in the fall. This action by the school is going to have a major impact on her professional and academic career. Again we are hoping that your attention to this matter will cause the district to reconsider the expulsion and allow Anna to finish the last 5 weeks of school with her classmates.

anna foster expulsion

The family has reached out to local news outlets ABC Columbia, WIS TV, WACH FOX, WLTX News19 and The State Newspaper, but have not yet heard back. So we would ask that you please share this important story to boost the signal.

There is a petition currently at Change.org to urge the school district to reverse the suspension and keep Anna from facing expulsion. You can read and sign the petition here.

  • This case actually needs to go beyond the state level and into Federal hands on discrimination. Hang in there my dear and sue the hell out of them.

  • funjon

    Very disappointed in my home state. Anna, don’t give up. You fight, fight all these damned haters. You keep being you.

  • Jessica

    First, let me say that it is embarrassing to live in a state that treats young girls, and boys, this way. As adults we are supposed to be setting the example for our youth on how to be respectful of everyone. This is clearly the opposite of that.

    More pressing, is the simple fact that South Carolina did in fact turn over that bill. That makes this type of action discrimination and illegal. A public school is included on having to follow the laws of the state. The school should have to answer for their blantant disregard to laws and authority. This bright, beautiful young lady should not be punished for someone’s chosen stupidity!

    Keep your head up, Anna!

  • Shoulda just used the nurse’s bathroom as you were told to by the school. Now because you couldn’t follow the rules set in place for you, it is time to sue somebody and claim discrimination? This is not about discrimination at all. This is about doing what you wanted to do and thinking it would be ok because the school owes you something? Please…. they only have to give you access to a bathroom while you are there and they did. You jeopardized your own future of going to college simply because you wanted to do what you wanted and then cast blame on someone else.

    • Wow, compassion much Bekki? Did you not read that they penalise her if she has to go between classes, due to the distance between her classes and the only toilet made available to her.

    • Liz Morgan

      You are an ignorant and hateful person. A kid shouldn’t have to choose between being tardy for class or using the restroom. What is wrong with you?!

      • andrea

        She’s a Nazi.

    • Cory Engle

      Wait. Are you talking about transgender people in the 2000s or black people in the 1950s?

      • andrea

        Too right!

    • andrea

      I had a hostile work environment for awhile. I had to use a restroom almost half a mile away from my desk.
      I finally got fed up, because I was a 19-year employee of the company and had literally helped build it. I went to HR and said what will you do if someone complains that I’m using the ladies’ room 20 feet from where my desk is?
      She said, offer them the use of the single-stall restrooms (the ones I was walking half a mile to use) downstairs.
      I didn’t enjoy being treated like a second class citizen. This hateful bullshine you spew is meant to put us trans people back in the closet.
      I’m warning you POS’ right now: you will have to KILL me to make me go back in the closet. It would be death for me. So, I’ll stand, and I will FIGHT.
      You better get ready for one hell of a tussle.

    • ChrisRichardson

      Of course Bekki – she should acquiesce to the oppressive and discriminatory rule that says she has to chose between walking across campus between classes to use the one bathroom they have allowed her to use which would result in her being punished for being late to class – or being forced to hold herself for hours, which is not medically safe for anyone. Since she is the only one that is being forced to make this choice, it becomes discrimination.

    • Diane Keller

      Nothing more to say, Bekki? You came here, spewed your ignorance and hate, and now you have nothing to say to the responses to it? Is it perhaps because you know you made a complete fool of yourself? Oh and by the way, the school DOES owe this girl something; the right to use the bathroom she feels comfortable using, without having to travel across campus to do it and then be penalized for being late to class!

  • This is just wrong! Let her be, stop all this fear! Let her use the female bathroom like she should.

  • MLW

    Unfortunately in these cases the courts generally support the school, and all too frequently Transgender women in her situation wind up murdered for bringing attention to themselves, hang in there Anna.

  • This information is false. This person is using this platform form her benefit. There is several holes to the story. The real story will come out. She faces expulsion not for her using the wrong bathroom, but for grades and tardiness.

    • If you can provide any actual evidence or facts, feel free to present them. And no, I’ve never seen a case of a student being expelled for tardiness or grades in public school.

      • Heather

        This expulsion was an amalgamation of tardiness, constant threats of lawsuits and bullying by her attorney, and her refusal to attend classes. At 17, only having 4.5 of the 24 required credits to graduate tends to show signs of a real problem. She wasn’t going to graduate this year or any time in the next 2 years because of her behavior.

        So sick of seeing people jump to her defense. She’s got you all fooled, I’m just glad people are finally able to start talking about it publicly.

        • Teresa Landreth

          would be easier to accept if there was some official confirmation, at least on the grades. with what i know of how we are treated, i dont doubt her story, but if thee is some proof from a legitimate source, it would be nice to see before i would think of changing my mind, sorry. in many cases, forced to use a restroom far away, and getting tardies racked up is common practice for schools who are NOT supportive. being in a foster home could explain the grades, being bounced around makes it hard to attend classes much less pass classes.

          • Heather

            I understand the skepticism and completely agree. Because the girl is still a minor they aren’t allowed to actually post her grades and whatnot. The only reason they were allowed to say anything is because her mother gave them permission, after finding out about all the stunts pulled. Really the only “official confirmation” that can be provided is the legal press release given by the district office that was posted on several news websites. The actions of this youth literally sicken me, because stuff like this is what causes the discrimination that’s so rampant in the cis community.

          • April Marshall

            There is official confirmation. I posted an update here http://transoutloud.com/update-transgender-student-anna-foster/

            The school released a statement about her lying about her grade level and reason for expulsion. They aren’t going to release her student record, but they have released that she is only a freshman, due to lack of credits- because she refuses to go to class. They released this press release. http://www.lexington1.net/News%20Releases/2015-2016/05-02-2016_WKHS_Student_Rumors_Response.pdf

            I don’t know what you are looking for more than that.

          • Teresa Landreth

            thank you, i had not seen that at all.

    • andrea

      You are a liar.
      You people will stand in the halls of history next to the Nazis.

    • Targetdog

      Get your info first hand? No? Then STFU.

    • Heather

      Figured I’d help Marty out here. I -did- get my information first hand. And more truth about this situation is coming out daily. Unfortunately you can’t force fact checks on social media.


  • Truth Seeker

    Not much of this story is true! Find out the facts. You can’t be accepted into college when you aren’t even close to graduating high school. She is a habitual liar!

    • You don’t understand how school works do you? Yes, students get accepted into college in the spring of their senior year. Sometimes earlier if they are recruited.

      • Miriam Breslauer

        I was accepted into my college the Fall of my Senior year.

    • Douglas E. Berry

      Uh, no. Kids apply in the fall and start getting answers in the spring. This allows students who are accepted to more than one school to make a choice and inform the other schools that they are withdrawing, which allows those schools to move to their waiting list of applications for the next student in line.

    • Liz Morgan

      I applied to college in October 2005 and got my acceptance letter in February of 2006. I graduated from high school in June of 2006 and started college that fall. Sooo what are you talking about? o.O

    • Cory Engle

      I’m guessing you were never accepted into a college.

    • NotoLepage

      I was accepted to six different colleges at the end of my junior year in high school – after scoring a perfect 800 on Verbal and 750 in Math. I had also completed all scholastic requirements to graduate and spent my senior year as an English Lit teacher, since the school didn’t have any courses left that I hadn’t already taken. You are so completely wrong, I’m surprised you even know how to use punctuation.

    • TGAmi

      My cousin is already being recruited by some universities. She has two more years of high school left!

    • andrea

      You’re wrong.
      And you’re an a-hole.

    • Targetdog

      It’s often best to keep your mouth shut and let folks think you are an idiot rather than opening it and removing all doubt.

  • TGAmi

    I wrote to the School District Superintendent and basically stated he can’t say anything, then gave me a link to news release regarding Anna. They are saying she is a freshman, not a senior.

    The url will work if you take the extra dots.


  • Steve Shamblin

    This is a Title IX violation.

  • Jasmine Finney

    anna is my best friend and when i heard about this i was super pissed and cussed out our principal mr.player for what he has let them do to her she doesnt deserve this at all i love anna she is like a sister to me and i will do everything in my power to help her!!!

    • Alison Brooke

      That is on of the sweetest things I’ve read I’m sure Anna’s great full I hope everything worked out ok x

  • Johnnie Seago

    I’m disgusted. I can’t believe the school would be so discriminatory and I am embarrassed my child is graduating from a high school like this.

  • David Kaminski

    Thank goodness we aren’t completely retarded in South Carolina and we understand genders as well as the difference between them. This “using whatever restroom you feel like” stuff is getting pretty old. What’s the point in having separate restrooms for boys and girls if it doesn’t matter which they walk into?

    • Jaime Wissner

      So you would be comfortable in the bathroom with the person pictured above?

    • Diane Keller

      And another one who proves he doesn’t understand the issue at all. Trans people are not “using whatever restroom they feel like”, they are using the restroom consistent with their gender identity, which, by the way, they didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to switch. Science (oooooooo the horrid SCIENCE word!!) bears out that gender identity is neurobiological and determined in vitro. I realize it’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s true that a small percentage of the population has a gender identity that doesn’t match up with the physical attributes they were born with. I mean, you can google this stuff. I did. And even before I did, I wasn’t scared of the horrid trans boogey man. Or woman.

  • Teresa Landreth

    just wondering, i was a pissed as everyone when i read this, but someone posted elsewhere that the expulsion was for NOT enough credits, sh barely has ANY, as in should be a senior, but has less than a sophomore? also had claims she had a hall pass for being late to class with no issue? i am trying to find confirmation or not.

  • Kari Nicole Crago

    at first I thought she was trying to use the boys bathroom, had to read this to see she is a transgender young Woman, she is clearly a young woman so it makes no sense why the girls would be bothered by her presence even if she is a lesbian, no fuss over lesbian women in women’s bathroom is there? people are just silly and mean any more

    • April Marshall

      the problem is, it actually had nothing to do with the bathroom. These wound up being false claims. She was nowhere near graduation, and refused to go to class.

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