voice training

Voice Training Basics for Transgender Women

To many transgender women, voice and voice training can be a hard subject to talk about. If you are transitioning any time after puberty, then testosterone has done its dirty work on your vocal cords.

Incredible Lip Plumping from Kandee Johnson

Lip plumping is a big question for lots of trans women. Unfortunately, many of us were born with thinner lips that might not quite measure up to what we were hoping. To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, "Makeup...ah...uh...finds a way."

Covering Up Beard Shadow for Trans Women

Beard shadow is a problem for just about every trans woman. That bluish hue that lingers for many even after the closest of shaves. But you can cover up your shadow quite easily if you look to our friend, the c... Read More...

Cleavage Made Easy For Any Trans Woman

Cleavage (or lack there of)is a huge frustration for many transgender women, especially early on in transition. It's a morale killer and it makes wearing many styles of tops and dresses impossible. But there i... Read More...
body type

Your Body Type in 3 Easy Measurments

This video from Lauren Messiah is everything you need to know about taking proper body measurements and determining your body type. Believe me, knowing your proper measurements will save you a lot of hassle; no... Read More...