6 Tips For Transgender Women to Feminize Your Face

There is no doubt that there are differences in the structure of male and female faces. And for transgender women, overcoming that hurdle is a big concern. However there are tricks out there to help feminize your face. Here are a few we like.
makeup basics from the makeup chair

5 Makeup Basics Videos for Transgender Women

Makeup is an art, and art takes practice. Most girls start learning from a young age about the mystical art of makeup. However, most transgender women don't get to start so early and miss out learning many makeup basics that girls work on.
large pores - after

Buff Away Large Pores

Actually treating and shrinking pores takes time and a lot of products, but in the mean time you can camouflage your pores with a little buffing.

Incredible Lip Plumping from Kandee Johnson

Lip plumping is a big question for lots of trans women. Unfortunately, many of us were born with thinner lips that might not quite measure up to what we were hoping. To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, "Makeup...ah...uh...finds a way."

Covering Up Beard Shadow for Trans Women

Beard shadow is a problem for just about every trans woman. That bluish hue that lingers for many even after the closest of shaves. But you can cover up your shadow quite easily if you look to our friend, the c... Read More...

Transition on a Budget M2F – Shopping

I've seen a lot of people ask online, "I don't really have much money, how can I start transitioning?". Especially for younger people, this is a huge barrier. So we want to give you some ideas of how to get goi... Read More...