Transgender Rap

Check Out This Kid’s Rap About Being Transgender

We think this young man named Alex just might be going places. Still in elementary school, Alex wrote and performed a rap about coming out to his mother and transgender at Camp Aranu'tiq for the staff and campers. He shows incredible poise and confidence in himself and his gender. And clearly he has a message to share with anyone willing to listen.

Kansas Declares Hunting Season on Trans Students

Ah Kansas, my home state. You can always count on them to party like it's 1959. No matter what Kansas does, no matter how stupid, you can set your watch by the fact that they will out-do themselves in spectacular fashion in quick fashion.
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Becoming Nicole – Book Review

In recent years we have seen a huge upswing in younger and younger people coming out as transgender, and embracing what that means. So exploring one such story up close is important. More so, exploring the stor... Read More...