transgender fitness

A YouTube Channel Just for FTM Transgender Men

Sometimes it can feel like surgery is the only option to change your body. But fitness can play a huge part too. And there is a YouTube channel that aims to help transgender men make those goals a reality. Transgender fitness is at your finger tips.
voice training

Voice Training Basics for Transgender Women

To many transgender women, voice and voice training can be a hard subject to talk about. If you are transitioning any time after puberty, then testosterone has done its dirty work on your vocal cords.
makeup basics from the makeup chair

5 Makeup Basics Videos for Transgender Women

Makeup is an art, and art takes practice. Most girls start learning from a young age about the mystical art of makeup. However, most transgender women don't get to start so early and miss out learning many makeup basics that girls work on.
sex post-op

Transgender Woman Talks Sex Post-Op

In this video from Princess Joules, that is mostly safe for work and features no graphic imagery, the topic turns to sex post-op and losing her virginity as a woman post-op bottom surgery. Mother Sparkle (Joul... Read More...
Transgender Rap

Check Out This Kid’s Rap About Being Transgender

We think this young man named Alex just might be going places. Still in elementary school, Alex wrote and performed a rap about coming out to his mother and transgender at Camp Aranu'tiq for the staff and campers. He shows incredible poise and confidence in himself and his gender. And clearly he has a message to share with anyone willing to listen.
large pores - after

Buff Away Large Pores

Actually treating and shrinking pores takes time and a lot of products, but in the mean time you can camouflage your pores with a little buffing.

Incredible Lip Plumping from Kandee Johnson

Lip plumping is a big question for lots of trans women. Unfortunately, many of us were born with thinner lips that might not quite measure up to what we were hoping. To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, "Makeup...ah...uh...finds a way."