Until recently, Tinder’s gender options happen to be rather, well, binary. It’s either men seeking women or the other way around. However, that will change according to Tinder CEO, Sean Rad. “There’s a transgender community on Tinder and we haven’t done enough to give them a good experience,” Rad told the guests in the Recode Code Conference on Thursday. And so, the organization will begin rolling out a far more flexible system that people canuse to identify themselves and specify who they’re seeking to get connected to. Rad didn’t get into much detail of the way the latest system would really work, though he did ensure that the options will be implemented over the following month and a half.

This move has come about as the controversy surrounding transgender rights grows. Certainly a portion from the community will react with anger, disbelief and threats to the policy change — you know, the manufactured rage that’s now status quo on the internet. However, trans men and women have as much of a right to online love as anyone else. And given all of the crazy shit that cishet people pull on Tinder, taking a look at you datenappers, maybe that anger is much better put in to more productive pursuits.