Chest binders are part and parcel for many transgender men. Hiding or diminishing a prominent secondary sex marker like breasts can be a big deal in easing gender dysphoria. However there are many questions that trans men have, and unfortunately many of those questions go unasked out of embarrassment or not even knowing what to ask.

Thankfully, Zepharius Be put out a video to help answer at least a couple of questions about chest binders. Primarily, he covers how to put on a binder without getting yourself all twisted and position your breasts for optimum aesthetics and comfort.

Don’t worry, we will be getting into more on this subject soon- but we wanted start off with something that might help those that have already made the purchase and have struggled with it.

He also makes a couple of important comments. One being to make sure you buy a quality chest binder, and not the cheapest thing you find on eBay in order to get the best and safest results. But more importantly, in the comments Zepharius touches on a very important topic.

“Using more than one binder can be very dangerous! A proper sized binder is tight in all the right places. It works on getting your chest flat while letting your chest still expand when you inhale. Using more than one binder will constrict your chest, not allowing your lungs to expand completely and it can also cause bad damage to your ribcage.”

CHeck out his entire channel for more videos here.

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April Marshall
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April Marshall, our Editor in Chief, is a ::mumblemumble:: year old trans woman from Kansas City. April has a very strange background including acting, stand up comedy, playwriting, running Rocky Horror shadow casts, and professional wrestling. You may have also seen April, in another life, on the Jerry Springer show. Yes we are serious.

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