Whoopi Goldberg announced on Monday that she’s in the process of producing a reality tv program for the Oxygen channel about transgender models.

“The View” co-host is an executive producer on “Strut,” a series centered on Slay Model Management – the very first modeling agency to represent transgender models exclusively, reported by People.

“This show is important right now, because for all of the positive advances the community has made and continues to make, transgender is still a hot-button word that gets people hysterical,” Goldberg reportedly said in a statement. “People tend to focus on the stereotype instead of the person, and this series will give viewers a unique opportunity to spend time with real people who are struggling with the same challenges we all face as we make our way through the world.”

The show comes in an important cultural moment for transgender visibility, when trans and gender-nonconforming individuals are being exposed to a wave of anti-queer legislation in Southern states, including North Carolina’s House Bill 2.

Transgender models are not new, however the cultural fascination with transgender individuals are certainly providing them with a far more visible platform. Many other agencies specifically serving trans models have established themselves previously years, including Trans Models agency in NYC.

Carmen Carrera also became one of the most famous trans models on the planet when she transitioned after her time on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Carrera proceeded to become the subject of a petition to help make her the very first openly trans Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Discussing “Strut,” Goldberg added, “You may even be surprised to discover that you have been seeing and interacting with transgender men and women in ways you didn’t even realize!”

“Strut” is slated to premiere on Oxygen later this year.

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April Marshall, our Editor in Chief, is a ::mumblemumble:: year old trans woman from Kansas City. April has a very strange background including acting, stand up comedy, playwriting, running Rocky Horror shadow casts, and professional wrestling. You may have also seen April, in another life, on the Jerry Springer show. Yes we are serious.

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  • Ann Thomas

    I’m so happy to see this! One of the Slay models is the girl that was standing next to me in the Glee Transgender choir – I’ll have to call and ask her if she’s on the show. I’m so happy for yet one more way our people are being showcased in a positive way to the world.

    There are about 8 agencies nationwide that are focused on transgender people in some way or another, They’re scattered all over, and each has a different focus for the most part. A couple of them are exclusively for models. As far as I know, it appears that maybe less than half are transgender owned and operated.

    There are, of course, cisgender agents and agencies that have a transgender actor, model, musician, comedian, public speaker, or two or three in their list of people. But those frequently miss casting calls and other opportunities because they don’t understand what it means to be trans. I am aware of only two of the 8 are fairly substantial in size, with well over 100 trans people each listed with them, and both are transgender owned and operated. My company, Transgender Talent, is one of them.

  • Where are the auditions???

  • Parker Wolf

    How disappointing. I thought Whoopie was better than this.

    Thankfully, the males (& female, f2ts) on this show will invariably be complete train wrecks, mirroring real life, esp those behind computers, which will help show the public how crass & violent, narcissistic & entitled these males can be, even to each other. Hopefully, the public will also see that stereotypical behavior, make-up, & dresses do not make these males women. They are & will only ever be males or men who are transgenders.

  • northernTNT

    Where has my favourite lesbian comedian disappeared to 🙁