This video from Lauren Messiah is everything you need to know about taking proper body measurements and determining your body type. Believe me, knowing your proper measurements will save you a lot of hassle; not only shopping online but in stores. You can finally decipher size charts and not hope that a large in one brand fits the same as a large in another.

Trust me. It doesn’t. Ever.

Once you have the right measurements, you can finally determine your body type. That’s huge when it comes to learning how to dress yourself. Dressing for your shape helps proportion out your body and maximize your assets. Which is probably what you are going for.

So learn what every woman has to learn eventually. Sizes can run wildly different from one brand to the next, but if you know your sizes- and how to take them correctly; you have the decoder ring to decipher any size chart.

But in the end, remember that this is the single most important size and clothing rule there is. DO NOT BREAK IT.

body shapes

And let us know in the comments how measuring like this worked out for you.

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