Getting rid of or altering secondary gender markers is a big deal for many transgender people on either side of the spectrum. Sometimes it can feel like surgery is the only option to change your body. But fitness can play a huge part too. And there is a YouTube channel that aims to help transgender men make those goals a reality. Transgender fitness is at your finger tips.

photoBeefheads Fitness is a collaboration between several FTM transgender male fitness enthusiasts and experts that have been where you are and are ready to help you reach your goals. Unfortunately the channel no longer seems to be updated. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a library of great information about supplements, nutrition, and exercise routines. You can get tips on building your chest, as well as the best protein to take.

They also talk about the mindset behind fitness and what it means to them to change their bodies, and finally take control of something that made them feel trapped. That kind of control can do so much to ease dysphoria.

Here is one video that talks about chest day and building up those muscles that are so important to a male body shape, and helping to really get rid of a huge secondary gender marker.

Check out their channel here.

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April Marshall, our Editor in Chief, is a ::mumblemumble:: year old trans woman from Kansas City. April has a very strange background including acting, stand up comedy, playwriting, running Rocky Horror shadow casts, and professional wrestling. You may have also seen April, in another life, on the Jerry Springer show. Yes we are serious.

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